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samuel saint thomas is a slightly ordinary writer, songwriter, professor, and accidental philosopher. he makes his home in a sylvan chinese tea house near n.y.c. he inherited the dna of a jazz pianist and a singer, who by miraculous events, both became pentecostal preachers. growing up in a pennylvania steel town, samuel studied religion, later living a monastic life of the catholic kind before taking up the sensuous life of a culture vulture and empirical traveler.

since 1995, samuel has collaborated with celebrated musicians, writing, recording, and performing his music in the northeast. in 2000, he set off on a scholarly pursuit of philosophy and creative writing and now teaches at a suburban university and is in the final stages of a manuscript of his memoirs as a preacher's kid; a series of bizarre and humorous stories of twisted ideas that grew in his little head in the dim light of religion.

in 2012, he launched his Bovine Social Club project, a bluegrassy, twangy folk and rock band that has gone on to play prestigious venues from Vermont to Viginia. to ward off existential miseries, he drinks slovenian cabernet and works as an artist to cover his walls with paintings of nudes, circus tents, and wildflowers. welcome to these pages of fortunate and unfortunate adventures

An agnostic way of thinking is liberating. There are abundantly fewer possibilities for screwing up.
--Samuel Saint Thomas

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